Le Reve #23, oil on canvas, 24" x 30"
james steele
LE REVE (The Dream), The Man In Water.    
Reverie n. the state of being absorbed in dream-like contemplation: an idea, theory, etc.,characteristic of such contemplation [F.] 
The image for this on-going series of paintings, prints and sculptures is based on a dream I had when I was sixteen years old.  In the dream I walked into a white, beaux-art style gallery where a large painting hung on the main wall.  The image of a man in top coat and bowler hat, in profile,
  floated in a river with an island and landscaped background.  As I stared, the painting came alive.  Paint applied in thick, broken strokes began to undulate with the river's movement.  Light reflected off the man, the water, and the mist enshrouded landscape. What the figure was doing in the river I can't say, but the memory has remained such that as I work on each Man In Water, I find my way back into the image of the dream.

James Steele, Martha's Vineyard, MA ©Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.